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Executive Director:
Rev. Bob Schminkey

The Speer Trust is managed by the Speer Commissioners, who are empowered by the Presbytery to manage the Trust.

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Education for Development

The purpose of the Education for Development grant is to promote opportunities for human resource and leadership development in support of community organizing and community development in low income neighborhoods or communities. Opportunities should foster heightened cultural awareness, leadership capacity and knowledge of the development process among residents of both low income communities and the community at large.

Education for Development funds are available to churches and other community based organizations for conferences, seminars or workshops in areas encompassing the theory and practice of development.

To qualify for assistance, organizations must describe how the proposed educational or training opportunity will serve the overall process of community development, that is, the control of democratic, self help institutions by people who have been typically denied opportunities available to the community at large. Applicants must have a clearly stated vision for social change and a demonstrated commitment to inclusiveness.

Grants under this program will be provided on an equal match basis, recognizing in kind contributions of the applicant and shall not exceed $5,000. Proposals, including a narrative of two to five pages and a budget, shall be submitted online to the Speer Trust Commission by the April 1st and October 15th application deadlines