The Speer Trust Commission has been transformed into “Ignite!”


In 1985 the Speer Trust Commission of New Castle Presbytery was charged with utilizing the resources of the Speer Trust Fund to address root causes of poverty within New Castle Presbytery. After providing millions of dollars to hundreds of agencies, in addition to mandated gifts to the Synod of the Mid-Atlantic and the PCUSA Compassion, Peace and Justice ministry, New Castle Presbytery entered into a new ministry structure as the work of the commission was completed. Speer Trust Administrative Commission was thereby dissolved as of December 31, 2017.

In March of 2018 the new ministry structure of New Castle Presbytery introduced the Ignite Team, which represents New Castle Presbytery’s focus on infusing all we do with a missional focus to invigorate congregations for loving the world actively and effectively.


Among many other things, Ignite does provide grants. Ignite grants intend to promote the kind of collaboration that honors what God is doing inside and outside the Church. Congregations and their partners invite Ignite into their partnership in order that mission and ministry might grow and be strengthened in Christ’s name.

Invitations to Partnership must be submitted by one or more of the congregations of New Castle Presbytery, usually in partnership with one or more organizations. Learn more about the new missional grant process at

“Sparked by grace to transform the church for the good of the World”